September 30, 2014

Today is basic housekeeping matters. Do not let a campaign get out of control. Make it as efficient as possible.

First, the best advice is to write a daily integrated list. You probably have several calendars for various projects. I have four that need a daily mix. For me, there are legal obligations of the practice, business matters requiring attention, the campaign, and personal commitments.

By consolidating calendars daily, you will do yourself a big favor. They have usually been checked prior to scheduling, thereby avoiding double booking, but the amalgamated listing will help with the day, especially since you will have a changing schedule.

Write must do matters in bold print. Always carry a pen and paper of some sort. Sounds simple, but it can be frustrating if you forget it. Have a phone list as well.

While it sounds funny, get into a counting routine. Think of the five or eight items you need with you and make sure you make your count before heading out. By doing this over and over, it becomes a routine and you will rarely find yourself without an important item.

For example, keys, wallet, eye glasses, pen, and cash. You will be surprised of the need for this procedure. Being in a rush during the campaign, you will change your clothes without thinking and suddenly find yourself without your wallet or cash.

Another tip is to think about the audience you will encounter and dress appropriately. This one too sounds like it doesn’t need to be said, and, if so, good, but for those who don’t think of this, start doing so. You need to feel at ease when you are speaking and it seems easier if you attempt to match the audience.

Having two pairs of glasses, both the same style, is a good campaign tip. Unless your considered a fashion person, try to keep your appearance constant. If you are getting earned media, make sure you attempt to look the same so that people eventually recognize you. You are not paying for ads so you need this recognition factor.

Finally, be on time. It is expected of you and I cannot over-emphasize this. People have other things to do and places to be. If you happen to have a delay, work the phone to get to the host of the event. Courtesy rules.

In 1998 I was on the way to a television debate and had a flat tire. The jack was missing from the trunk. In those days, there were pay phones. Dressed for the debate, I was scrambling along the side of the highway to get off and get to a phone.

I got to the debate about 30 minutes late. It disrupted the event and I lost a precious opportunity. Plan for early arrival and learn to compose in anticipation. Think through your travel options and, in today’s world, have your cell phone with the number of the place to which you are going.

Make sure you get directions before you leave, unless you are 100% certain as to where you are going. Getting lost is both time consuming and frustrating. Avoid it by thinking about it in advance.


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