October 2, 2014

I had an interesting interplay with a reporter today but will tell the story later. It is an interesting dialogue related to this effort. I will comment next week.

Last evening, the campaign held a meeting with those who had written to volunteer help. It was quite productive, more in terms of ideas and direction.

It is always good to have a group of dedicated supporters who are flexible enough to take assigned work and also provide good input. We discussed needs of the campaign and geographical locations for support.

The signs seem to be going up everywhere. We are asking people to take pictures of their efforts in the campaign and post them on our web pages. We want to have a wall that shows the variety of individual support and artistic efforts.

The “Bowling with Bob” effort is on-going. There are tickets available. It is a great deal on top of being a good campaign stop. These types of events, along with the popping up signs, the people talking and stopping me on the street to take selfies with me to post are all positive signs that the campaign is growing.

I will discuss much of this at some future time in that I am running off to be out in the public.

No real lesson today except to keep driving even when the days start to merge into each other.


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