October 4, 2014

There has been some confusion in press relations as of late, and this has given rise to the need to create a policy guide for media relations.

It is important that the media and the campaign operate under a system of rules. This prevents many understandings, misunderstandings that have the potential of impacting on the effort itself. Accuracy is a must, and to ensure this, there just needs simple ground rules that are easy to understand and apply.

Below is the media guide being sent from the campaign to all media members who are on our list. This will additionally serve as notice to all that these are our established policies.

This will also be posted in the document section of this site.



In an effort to provide a better understanding between the campaign and the media, the following will serve as a guide.

The Healey for Governor campaign is about transparency and the education of independent candidates through the use of a teaching guide of sorts called Bob Healey’s Campaign Journal.

The over-transparency has raised concerns in that correspondence is being treated as a public document. To avoid this reoccurring, along with other potential problems, this is what is considered policy of the campaign:

  1. Unless specifically qualified in the correspondence of any kind, documents shall be considered public, subject only to government and personal confidentiality laws. To avoid a document being considered public, it should be headed with a reasonable understandable preface, eg. CONFIDENTIAL, PRIVATE COMMUNICATION, EMBARGOED UNTIL (DATE), NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE, or any similar language in the heading or in the greeting of the document. Any document so headed, shall be considered private communication and shall be treated as such.
  1. That any response other than from the candidate is not a statement of the Healey for Governor campaign and should not be so attributed.
  1. Any conversation, document, or other statement issued by Robert J. Healey, Jr. is to be considered fair game and in the public domain, subject only to a prior request and an acceptance by the media person, to go off the record. All shall be considered on the record unless this kabuki dance takes place. Background documents are not confidential unless so labeled.
  1. Comments on social media by supporters are fair game provided they are not attributed to the campaign itself.
  1. Any photograph issued by the campaign shall be immediately set into the public domain and may be used without first acquiring permission from the campaign.
  1. All published materials, excepting comments from others, found on the Bob Healey’s Campaign Journal are a product of Robert J. Healey, Jr. and can be directly cited as being issued by him.
  1. If there is a doubt as to the authenticity, contacting Healey at 837-9847 will provide a safe harbor in that the questionable material can be verified directly by the candidate.
  1. The campaign recognizes that the role of media is not easy given space, time and other constraints and it is the campaign’s role to provide requested information on a timely basis. As such, the candidate himself will make all attempts to be available for comment and/or provide requested materials, given the reasonable parameters of the campaign schedule.

While the media is in no way bound by the unilaterally prepared guide, it has been adopted by the Healey campaign as our internal rules for media relations. The campaign is desirous of a mutual, feisty, and professional relationship with the media, avoiding problems in a proactive manner.


As you can see, there is an effort to clarify what is expected from both parties. The idea is to best work with media to get accurate coverage of the campaign.


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