October 5, 2014

Some days are days to take stock in where the campaign has gone, what needs to be done, and what the future seems to hold.

Today was a day of that along with getting some chores done. There was an opportunity to paint a mural for the campaign on the side of a building, and so that was part of the day. It looks great in that the face has been completed and the wording is the only part left to paint.

The good part of this campaign is that people are really responding by taking politics into their own hands. We have people posting their own signs, directly participating by purchasing signs for their own displays, and other efforts such as Bowling with Bob, that clearly demonstrate that it does not take money to deliver a message.

In the very near future we must discuss campaign financing, but for now, it is enough to say that the no money, just common sense campaign has lived up to what was expected. If the campaign gets to the next step, showing strong popularity in a reputable poll, it stands ready to be a force in the election.

As to the nuts and bolts of a campaign, it is important to have strategic locations for signs, usually placed away from your home base. As such, the idea is to find highly visible locations for signs. Since these signs are from supporters, it is more difficult, but not impossible. Supporters have been purchasing the signs and leaving their names for those who may need a sign. Now that is real support and a clear demonstration of it.

There is much happening on the organizational level in that people have been volunteering and taking charge of various areas of the campaign. This help is great in that it will free up time to focus on the upcoming debates.

The biggest problem has been getting back to the hundreds of emails that have been crossing the desk. It would be easy to assign writing to others, but as the candidate, I feel a personal reply, however late, beats a form letter.

There have been technical problems with getting our newest idea to work. It is called Ask Me, a site where anyone can pose a question for the candidate to answer. This, along with other technical problems related to getting out the position papers, which have been written, should be resolved in the next day or two.

Finally, the chores of today included finalizing questionnaires. That should be finished by tomorrow morning.

In short, there is always work to do with an independent or third party campaign. You just do not have the luxury of the major party players. That being the case, you learn to manage time in a much more efficient fashion, although you will always be far less refreshed than your opponents. This is the tradeoff.

Still, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. At least that what you will end up continually telling yourself as to labor on.


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