October 6, 2014

Today’s entry will be brief. The lull in the campaign is continuing and this is good for getting matters in place.

We started the ASK ME site today which allows the public to submit questions for the candidate to personally answer. It has already gotten a strong start.

Questions will be answered and posted on the site. It will give all a direct line to the candidate. It was designed to get answers to questions back to the people asking questions in a one day turn around.

The first day seemed to take a few hours to get answers in form, but it seems workable. The access by the public is somewhat rare and it may prove either useful and workable or a difficult site to keep up with in terms of providing answers, at least on a timely basis.

Finalizing the calendar for posting so that everyone can know about campaign events and appearances.

Today’s strategy is to read up on issues and get prepared for the upcoming debates. The beauty of the ASK ME site is that it keeps me sharp as to the issues as well as provides answers to typically posed questions. Its potential in campaigns is being tested here to see if it will prove itself.

The point is that in every campaign, there is room to try new methods. Just don’t rely on them until you have had an opportunity to evaluate their usefulness.


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