October 8, 2014

The two major parties have launched attacks against each other. This is interesting in that they are engaging in a manner that they need to, but it allows for review of their performance from an outside view.

It is hard to resist meddling in these fights, but the timing needs to be correct. In this area one must be most delicate. To attack early will demonstrate a need for attention, which, unlike many earlier campaigns, we don’t really need at this time.

Patience is difficult. It is hard to refrain, but it is hard to toss a winning hand in the skirmish. You must examine where and when to engage. Don’t wait forever if you must use what you want to use, on the other hand, if you have a use elsewhere, wait and take the right shot.

In this case, there are four debates. There are plenty of opportunities for the use of what you have at those times. If you were excluded from the debates, then you may want to consider using it as early as possible to attempt to bring the campaign to a point where you should be included in the debates.

Having been in many such races, it may be easier to see the candidate’s characteristics. Some want to constantly engage, other campaigns are remote and aloof. This is one of the latter, but that risks being upset in the waning days. A good exchange or a sharp issue dropped at the last minute could cause a disaster.


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