October 10, 2014

Short entry today in that the day has been long. It has been positive in that the message is clearly spreading.

The opponents have taken on the strategy of questioning the legitimacy of the effort. This is to instill in the voters the position that a third party vote is just a waste of vote. The natural counter is that if you do not do what your mind tells you to do, you are merely untrue to yourself.

People like to be with the winners; it is some psychological force which I admittedly do not fully understand. But my lack of understanding doesn’t make it any less real. It is just hard to plan a strategy against it where it is difficult to comprehend.

Perhaps it is that people like a crowd mentality or that people are not so sure of themselves and their personal beliefs or, or, or. I just don’t know about this one.

In any case, the opposition is clearly making a concerted effort to dissuade voters using this ploy. It may work. People generally prefer to be sheep than to take on the responsibility of being free. Safety in numbers? Not wanting to be the odd person out?

It is somewhat of a predictable move. As much as negative ads, fear sells. Fear of change, fear of being left out, fear of the unknown. It is an easy state to manipulate, and it is being done. The issue is whether our message can overcome the fear. This usually occurs when people have little hope left and have no reason to fear.

This will be somewhat successful, especially in the short term, that is, until people realizes the fear is unfounded. The question here is whether that will come before election day.

Point for the day, fear is a powerful force. It is tempting to use fear, and at times it is the right tool to use. For the most part, it is a bad idea in that eventually people can grow brave and rise up against those who have bullied them.

Positive forces can sustain a fear assault, it just takes patience. Patience is almost always the key.


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