October 11, 2014

Today reminded me of the impact of weather on a campaign. It was a day to be out and amongst the people, but the rain and chill in the air would keep people away from events. This is never good in a campaign season.

As a result, gears were changed and I had some time to respond to questions on the ‘ask me’ site. It also allowed for calendaring of events in that as the schedule gets busy in the last few weeks, a well set out calendar makes for an easier time, trust me on that one.

There seems like there is always writing to do, but it is coming to the end of that phase. Most of the writing has been complete. Next week is the ground offensive, getting out signs, planning the final moves of those in the field, getting out on issues or better yet, creating them.

All seems to be running to plan, but it is the time when all is uneasily quiet. It is time to make a few moves that will distract the other side, but highlights the issues. There are already a few plans for next week which will get some press. It is time.

The opposition candidates are displaying their big guns imported from out of state. There is some sort of confidence or desperation in the air, I am not sure which. There is a great deal of silent support on the streets and this is the best type.

The rank and file workers have not embraced Raimondo after the primary, and the union leadership has proven lukewarm in terms of support. The Block folks have not come back into the fold. There are quite a few voters out there who will not publicly announce their support, but my guess is that there is a larger than expected number of these folks sitting in our camp.

This being the case, the last few weeks is more and more certain to be chock full of television ads minimizing my campaign. This earlier the start, the greater we are impacting. We are not a threat, yet, but it is certain that we are being observed for whatever our potential is at present.

The Raimondo camp is running low on fuel. The abortion issue, designed to firm up a likely slippage in the women in the 30 to 60 age group, did what was expected, but failed to understand that this push would have major repercussions in the ethnic and elderly voting populations.

The visits by Hillary and Obama may not really shore up support. Hillary may help with the ethnic vote, but that is about it, as far as voters not in the camp. Obama, needing the refuge of a true blue state in an election year where he is being shunned, may or may not help, even in Rhode Island.

Fung’s heavyweights are not overly impressive to a Rhode Island population, but may shore up some support from the previously alienated Block supporters, but that is not a certainty.

Watch carefully as this all unfolds. Bringing in outsiders is not without risk, especially in an election year in which the major party candidates have all but ignored the traditional media outlets. The time for engagement over money in politics is growing closer.

Have people watch the left hand while you dexterously use your right.


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