October 13, 2014

The last few days were mostly public appearances. The response was far more positive than ever. I was warmly received in all of the venues from Westerly to Woonsocket. It was quite surprising, but extremely good.

Tomorrow at five in the afternoon, the Journal is expected to release a poll completed on the race for Governor. This will be our first insight into where we stand. Without campaign cash, we are unable to run internal polling and will depend on the public polls to get a sense of where we are.

It will be somewhat tricky to interpret, but it will give us a peek at to where the support is.

If we poll out at 5-10%, we are doing okay. A result of 10-15% is positive. A result over 15% would mean that we are truly in contention.

The opposing camps will look at the results. An average performance will give them comfort, an ease that may be overcome, but they will continue to rest on their laurels. They will use the ‘waste your vote’ more vociferously.

A mid-range result would mean that we would have to fight for each vote, but it would be comforting if there is a high percentage in undecided. The other two have been out there for a long time; the undecided is not our enemy and could be more easily brought into our camp.

A high percentage would mean that people can see through the campaign funding of the races. If we show well, not having taken any money in contributions, then we are well positioned. If the numbers are above expectations, then I would add a few percentage points in my mind. People would be able to believe in a Cinderella candidate at that point.

So folks, tomorrow will most likely be a turning point in strategy of the campaign. Patience.

Also, tomorrow is shaping up to have a legal battle. It is not a preferred one in that it is related to the Ethics Commission’s misreading of law. I hate to do battle with those charged with attempting to uphold a sense of ethics in government, but when they are not correct in their interpretation; I cannot follow a mistaken directive. I am sure we will be discussing this more in detail in the very near future.


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