A Question from the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

As a leader, how will you use your leadership skills to improve our state and country?

A true leader inspires others to greatness instead of seeking greatness. That being so, I would lead in a manner that is respectful of the people. I prefer to lead by suggestion rather than by imposition.

A good leader seeks consensus, logically assesses all point of view, adopts a strong, yet tentative course of action, presents it to those being governed for their approval, and then acts in a strong manner to implement the determined course.

A leader must inspire and lead by example. Words alone do not create results. A leader must be willing to work, silently, unassumingly, in a manner of setting a course that those being governed recognize as good. Bad leaders are imprisoned by their own ideas and as such cannot govern in the best interests of all.

By tolerance of independent freedom of thought and action, a leader understands that the people are the owners of their government and that the role of leader is temporary.

A good leader will always listen to the people seeking redress, not always agreeing, but attempting to put all views into a perspective.

Good leaders are loved when they are least intrusive and yet productive. Results are more important that receiving credit for obtaining them.

The best leadership is in a way that allows people to act for themselves so that they determine that they have accomplished their goals without leadership.

Governing in an open transparent manner is governing by example. To be too attached to one’s ideas is counterproductive to success as a leader.

Taking this approach, I feel that I can represent the interest of the people in a manner that gives them peace, liberty, access to justice, and the safety and well being everyone deserves.

It is with this philosophy that I can use my leadership skills to improve our state and country.

Robert J. Healey, Jr.

October 11, 2014


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