October 15, 2014

Missed a day yesterday, and most of today. The campaign has moved into a very active mode. The first three way polls came out and needed analysis, of which I will try to write tomorrow.

On the move for the next three weeks and as a result of that, the entries will not be as brief or overly informative. They will be mostly informative as to where we are heading.

The Fung supporters seem particularly at unease about the poll, obviously blaming our campaign for their failures. This is so cliché that I need not say much. I have been blamed by the Democrats for Myrth York losing in 94 and in 98.

Today the Republicans were complaining in the same voice that the Democrats did. At this point it is just noise.

People just need to blame someone for their own failure to get their candidate elected. I stopped listening to this logic so long ago.

I also got complaints and requests for counseling related to my dropping out. Hint – Unlikely. If people are not willing to vote for the person they think is the best candidate, why should anyone make their vote easy?

I got a call today from a woman who professed she was a Democrat but liked what we stood for in terms of the race. She is voting for me, but her friends probably won’t because of my hair, although they agree roundly that I would be the best candidate for them.

The sad reality is that these voters get what they deserve, because they are not strong enough to vote for what they want. I have no intention of granting either the Republicans or Democrats solace in moments when they lack the integrity of voting for the right person over the winner.

The reality was revealed to me today in a most informative email. It gave me the true insight as to reading the polling data. The advice was simple, yet very insightful. It said; look at the race as a two way race instead of a three way race.

The polling data shows that about 60% of the voters believe the state is moving in the wrong direction and yet they are supporting candidates who will offer them more of the same. It really is a two way race, not in terms of personality, but in terms of change versus status quo. I was impressed with this thought.

I honestly believe that there is still a path to winning, crazy as it may sound, but it is arguably far narrower a path than I once thought. I will discuss this and the poll results tomorrow and how this has required an adjustment of strategy.

I think we have an open field that the other two do not have. The question is what can we make of it? I have been working to schedule events and appearances throughout the state in hope of delivering the message. If we can show an increase in the poll, we will be snowballing to the finish.


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