RI Local – Q&A

Small businesses are Rhode Island’s most important employers but in many ways the state makes running one or starting a new one a difficult task. What is your plan to make things easier on local independent businesses?

As an attorney, I see zoning, planning, and municipal over-regulation as hindering starting businesses. As a businessperson, I see over-taxation, the use of small business as a cash cow by the state, and an unresponsive legislature as major obstacles. As a teacher, I see the lack of educational policy focus, a culture that has grown up accepting mediocrity, and the lessened importance of education in our society as enabling malaise.

As a political candidate, I see lack of a coordinated statewide effort, lack of a five year plan for economic development, and insider politics as being a detriment. As a citizen, I find that it is all related to how politics has encouraged voter disenchantment because the average person has no access to the system or a viable method of redressing government.


Though no longer the nation’s highest, Rhode Island’s unemployment rate remains one of the worst. What is your plan to create new jobs and develop a local workforce trained for the jobs currently available in this 21st-century market?

My plan, the same one I proposed in 1994, is to couple economic development with education so we can have jobs for our students. I believe that people, not governments, create jobs. The problems set forth in the response to the first question apply here. Government can act by creating an environment that welcomes business, that creates an equal playing field, and that responds rapidly to issues raised by the business community.


In which issue do you see the most separation and contrast between you and the Democratic and Republican nominees? Why is it important that Rhode Island follow your path rather than your opponents’?

I want to create a cerebral revolution in Rhode Island. I want people to completely re-think how we operate our state.

I differ in that I am proposing a complete re-evaluation of the system where my opponents are looking to merely tinker with the current system, not upset the interests who funded their campaigns.

I want to restore government to the people, giving them the freedoms, liberties, and rights as set forth in the Rhode Island Constitution. I want fairness and justice in implementation of the role of government, where laws benefit all, equally, and places burdens on all, equally.


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