October 18, 2014

Today was the lesson that now that the message is getting out, it feeds on itself. There are so many great ideas coming in from those following the campaign, and just at the right time.

The message feeds on itself. This campaign has given our campaign supporters the freedom to think independently of the campaign and as such people have come up with far more creative ideas than I have seen in past campaigns. While it originally started as a disjointed concept, it is now quite orchestrated and advancing with the littlest of effort.

It is exactly this type of an impact I see possibly through this election. Free people are happy people. Happy people are productive. As one person pointed out to me, when you look into a mirror and see a frown, you at least try to smile, but when you are smiling, you rarely try to adjust it to a frown.

As happiness begets happiness, positivity begets positivity. It is so amazing that people who have been given the opportunity to think independently and the freedom to act, are energized to act in the best interests of the campaign. The volunteers are not being given work just to be kept busy, yet people are busy sharing the word.

Empowering people with a message that they need not be empowered to engage is most powerful.


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