October 19, 2014

The election season is coming to a close. In about two weeks it will all be over. This is the most critical time in that the next few weeks grow more and more intense.

The first debate is scheduled for Tuesday evening. It will be a most telling moment in that there have been so few debates scheduled so each will hold a particular significance. The first one, however, will be the most critical.

The opponents have been overly reliant on their monetary strength and their minions to carry them forward. This is a strategy that will make them quite lackadaisical. The failure to attend public events, publish their calendars to news reporters, speaking almost constantly in platitudes, all stand to the potential pitfalls that may await them at a debate.

The campaign itself is moving into full swing this week and will run hard to the finish. We are feeling momentum in that people are growing amazed that we are doing so well with no funding. There are people who feel they may possibly have a seat at the table, that their voice will be heard over big money and special interests.

I am hearing more and more that people who have not voted for years due to the feeling that their vote is worthless against big money and special interests are awakening. They are seeing that a no money campaign translates into power being returned to the people.

After decades if not a century of having their voices muted, they see the opportunity to speak loudly. They are feeling what liberty means after so many years of being submissive pawns in a world controlled by titans.

Over the next two weeks we will be sweeping across Rhode Island to get a sense of our support. We want people to come up and introduce themselves and ask questions that are on their minds. Even if they do not support us, we need to answer all questions posed.

The people are really the only endorsement we seek. They need to see that a renewal in good government need not be scary. They need to see that they have the opportunity in their hands.

As for today, Bowling with Bob was a success. Instead of raising campaign money by holding an event, this well attended event raised money for the local food bank. I still had the opportunity to meet with the people and the money went to charity instead of cash for more pictures of me.

People purchased their own yard signs and have been engaging in getting out the word of this no money campaign. There were people who were making genuine private efforts to support us. And they were all happy to do so, showing their commitment rather than sending money for campaign waste.

We are on the move and there is a positive response. The proof will be in the three or four days following the debate. If we get and keep the momentum moving, we may well surprise the system.


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