October 21, 2014

Tonight was the big debate that never was. The format of the debate was too sterile in that it really didn’t provide for interaction between the candidates on real ideas. At time I felt like I was supervising a school yard spat. The he said, she said was tedious.

I do not know if this was by design or an error in planning. It seemed that from the onset the stage was set for two children and a step child that had been added but not clearly welcomed.

This is all said because it demonstrates the point that inclusion can be a false hope for a third party or independent candidate. It appears “inclusive” and yet somehow minimizes the role of the ‘extra’ candidate. Having been left out of the debate format discussions, I was without objection.

Grow up and get over it. There are times when the forum is not equal, and it was probably an error on my part to expect it to be in the first place. My tactical error here in that I really thought there would be a better conceived battlefield if for little else than the excitement of a real debate.

Being an invited guest, I was not inclined to be rude in demanding time, but it did not pass without notice. I was put in a position to either strenuously object and seem like the “brutish wildman”, living up to the stereotypic independent candidate or to sit by patiently and be sidelined. I chose the later in that it is my preferred style.

My reasoning is that in terms of being clearly allowed minimal participation, there is a fine line. If the public recognizes the farce, then it is fine in that everyone recognizes the bias. If, however, the minimization was not so evident, then they win and I lose. My gut tells me that it was clear, but that is just my gut.

The opponents were given an engaged battle between themselves but there was no real vulnerable position exposed for me to attack. I will have to wait my opportunity, but tonight was lost to the inability to directly engage the opponent.

I will have to wait to have a direct, one on one confrontation. Stalemated situations seem so empty.


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