October 23, 2014

The days are getting longer and longer. The final push is always the most difficult and there is so little time to think and write.

The oddness is in the air, but it hasn’t grown to a critical mass. It may, and this is the last push. The strategy is to keep the roll moving and make the biggest effort in the last few days. The scheduled debates are late and that is a potential advantage.

The debates are roughly five days before the election. This is great for a campaign that has no money. The supporters are fired up and truly ready to go. They have been giving of themselves to the greatest levels. This encourages more supporters. It is building.

The plan without money is to peak three days before the election. In doing this, the money factor can be stymied in that it would be too late to make any television or radio buy. The market has been all bought up in terms of support stuff and the shelves are empty.

There are few points that are in our advantage. The polling data has shown that there is a great potential for movement in our race since there is a great deal of unknowns. The opponents have a small percentage and as such, people have pretty much made up their minds.

The wasted vote campaign is somewhat telltale in that it usually crops up when there is a real concern over desertion. The idea of publicizing the wasted vote argument is largely to keep the ranks together. This is a fear tactic and is usually applied when there is a reason.

The silver lining in today’s polling data was that the poll showed a increase, albeit slight, in our numbers. Typically, the Brown polls are not overly reliable and as such, I am not encouraged by the increase itself. I remember in 94 when I was polling around 3% and ended up closer to 10% at the polls.

Third parties and independents suffer from the outside strategy. People who identify with you and who will vote for you may not publicly speak it. You can never tell with third party and independent voters because their very nature is either a complete introvert or a complete extrovert. The people in the middle rarely test the bars.

The better news from the poll was that a good portion of the sample came from Providence in that they were also polling the Mayor’s race. The support in the poll is coming from an urban area where we are traditionally weak. I personally was heartened by it.

There is a need to compress to critical mass over the next week. It will either happen or not, but there is a real positive feel. The email and the requests have been increasing exponentially. The website presence is growing. Even the number of people beeping their horns without prompting has been at a level I have not experienced in the past.

There are small battles being waged, but that might have to be increased. I need to have a bit more time to write, but I am finding that the unexpected upsurge has made this more and more difficult. That being the case, these entries will grow more and more sporadic, but I will attempt to make them concise and pointed.

The time is for action and not for thought.


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