October 25, 2014

Today was a weird feel in that the public was way too responsive. There was a positive vibe just about everywhere we went on the campaign trail. It is starting to build in a way that is different. I have been in several statewide races and have not seen such support in such a large volume.

The locations for support are in areas that have traditionally not broken well for us in the past. This is creating an odd situation and one that I am not sure where it is going.

I need to seriously consider how to mount the final approach in that the areas that are the toughest in bringing support are now really within reach.

I am hoping for reaching critical mass at just the right moment. I have not been so hopeful as to the potential success in a campaign.

We are still at just over $35 in campaign expenses and we are polling about 10 percent of the electorate. Think about it at 350,000 or so voters, it equates to roughly one tenth of one cent per vote. And that is at 10% of the voters.

We are living up to our expectations. We are heading into the final stretch and enjoying the great support of a positive campaign staff. We are well positioned and if we can continue, we just may catch the established campaigns off guard.


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