October 26, 2014

The vocal support has been mounting like a beating drum coming closer and closer. Perhaps this space should be utilized to express the philosophical moment that stands behind the working strategy that seems so lifelessly cold.

The timing seems to be just right and I am downright happy, not over-confident, not building up unwarranted hopes – just seeing the impossible shine through into the possible.

Once again, the support has taken shape in amazing ways. Whereas politicians have to accost folks on the street, we are inundated with people coming up to shake hands, take a picture, say a brief word of support, and say they are with us.

Whatever the outcome of the campaign, I feel that we have brought many people to life. It is an exhilarating experience.

Seniors, youth, and every demographic in-between seems ready for the message of being able to fix this state if we can all just learn to apply common sense and work together instead of continuing our divide.

I stand ready to make this remarkable journey with the help of the people. I stand happy to see the people growing in enlightenment and desire to work together.

Strategy aside, it will be what it will be. Fate is fickle, but if this campaign can demonstrate anything, it will serve as an inspiration. For that alone, I am pleased.

I see a path that can bring about a most elusive goal – a government of the people, answerable only to the people. A simple exercise that combines logic with egalitarianism and freedom to create a state that honors its obligations fairly and imposes its burdens equally.

I see the smiling face of a child, knowing that the future has been made brighter. I see a society, proud of its ability to competently care for its members. I see the potential for understanding that working with each other, we can return to a better state.

We have created complex solutions that remain unsustainable. We have all been driven by a government that creates a need for greed. We have been fed full of fear so that we cannot even differentiate what is right from what is wrong. We have been stressed by a society that compels us to labor at the expense of our families. I see an end to this.

I am beginning to believe that others have opened their eyes and can see that my personal vision is not a limited prophesy, but a recognized reality of what should be in place of what is. Eyes long believed to be blinded, have opened to see the potential. We may be at one of our most glorious moments. And you, the readers and supporters, are making it all possible.

My point of today’s writing is that without sharing the vision with others, there is no possible success, but without working to aid all to see, there is no vision.

Perhaps the most telling phrase is one which I am uncertain of origin, but unshaken in its content. It is the simple idea of “If the people lead, the leadership will follow”. We, you and I, are the people. We must take back the individual freedoms we have ceded to government, not violently, but in a manner that restores our human sense of freedom and liberty. We need to demand the change that realigns our life and our governance.


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