October 31, 2014

The critical mass is being reached at just the right time. We have been seeing movement in the social media. We have gotten words from the leaks of other campaigns that we are polling strong and there is an upward movement in the latest polling. People are changing.

The telltale signs are apparent in that there is much called in fear mongering on talk radio, there are trite and hackneyed lines related to the wasted vote, there are attempts to revive the worn argument related to the hair and beard. All seems a desperate effort.

The fact that almost 40% of the people had voted for me once in the last election means that many have gotten past the image. The fact that they voted for me in the past is a sign that a vote for me in this election is not as scary as it is political.

The “he can’t win” argument is being countered by forcing the issue as to if this is so, then why are the poll numbers growing instead of falling, as is typical in third party candidates as the election approaches.

The wasted vote is being seen for what it really is, a ploy. Since the two opponents are relatively similar in that they are merely party players, the distinction is ever more evident. Regardless of which one gets a vote, it is a vote for the same wine in different bottles. We have succeeded in making a distinction, and that distinction is funded players versus the people.

There is a movement that cannot be matched by the opponents, regardless of how much money they have. The people are awakening and recognizing that they can be empowered. The people can see that working as one can be a productive endeavor.

There have been several who have abandoned the Democrats because the Democrats have largely abandoned them. They have been moved away and are temporarily in harbor of the Republican camp, but they are uncomfortable there in that the Republicans represent a view they do not share. They are not solidly in the camp, but are using it as a resting place to enable them to fully come on to our most welcoming camp.

The Republican numbers are very fluid. There is a polled tie, but I would suggest that the base support is far short of the reported numbers in that they are merely camping until they feel we are a viable home. We have succeeded in creating the fluidity needed for a possible victory against the odds.

Unlike the opponents, we have a sense of purpose far greater than a mere election. We have the inspiration of liberty and individualism. We have a goal of righting what was misdirected. We are not looking to just win an election, but we are looking at what we can achieve as a society.

It is always better to have a genuine purpose. People will work with others given a noble motivation. Oddly, people need to gather to protect the individualism that is in all of us.

A message will always triumph over money — a vision being natural and money being artificial. While there is a value to money and should not be squandered, it should not be worshiped. It is a tool in life. A vision comes from within and cannot be won or lost. It exists.

Winning elections with money is simple, but not rewarding. It does not bring people together. In working to win based on a vision, society is better served.

People engaged in a productive purpose made happy by the thought of achieving a higher goal can move mountains. This campaign is exactly that, a campaign that has self-motivated workers making an effort for a common cause.

On a personal note, I have never understood pride. I have long equated pride with vanity and wanted no part of it. Those who have worked with me here have taught me the true meaning of pride. Pride is not being proud of one’s self, but it is being proud of the ability of others. This, I have discovered, is the good side of pride, a side that up until this moment I had never realized.

I rarely express myself in emotional terms, but the feeling of pride I have in those who have spread the message in a positive and dedicated manner has moved me to this new awareness. I see that we can all work together to an end, not because a leader has told them to do so, but because they see in themselves the need to get to that end within a mutually respectful society. I am proud, proud of those who have shared this journey with me.

The winning of the election would be a remarkable feat, but win or lose, we have already accomplished much. We have inspired ourselves to think that we all have a wonderful power within that can be utilized to raise our awareness.

The underlying goal of this campaign is to win, but in attempting to reach that end, I have been afforded an opportunity to teach what I have gathered over the years in hope of transferring this knowledge to the next generation willing to take up the fight. The seeds have been planted and they have sprouted. I can rely on the fact that they will grow strong under the care of those who are the future.

While it is traditional to say that if we were to fail in the election that it was a great experience, I can say with all honesty that this election has taught an old dog a new trick. It has opened my eyes to the wonders of humanity. Much like a smile begets a smile in return, well meaning efforts will also be returned in the same light that they were bestowed.

We stand at a historical moment in time. If we are victorious, we will have demonstrated the power of the people to initiate a dramatic social change without money. It will hold much more significance than the election of the first (fill in the blank). It will be the point in time when we demonstrated that the people have caused a peaceful revolution to restore our fundamental liberties.

The next three days will tell of our success or failure. There is no more time to write strategy or provide insight. It is time to act until the end. We are now ready to think and act as individuals united under a cause. If fortune favors us, there will be more lessons to share. If fortune favors our opponents, we will have more lessons to learn.

To those willing to take up the mantle in the future, I hope this crude guide serves you well.

Robert J. Healey, Jr.


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