Thank You, Supporters.

To all the friends and supporters of the Healey 2014 Campaign

Please excuse my delay in getting this letter to all those who have put time, effort and energy into the campaign. I was slightly busy fending off the accusations that we had somehow led to the destruction of the Fung campaign.

As you know, we did not destroy that campaign, it imploded on itself. Our outstanding performance demonstrated that people were dissatisfied with the system. The real story is that there are just too many out there still willing to play the party politics game.

Together we shocked the system. We worked together toward a worthwhile goal and that should not be taken for granted, nor should it be minimized by political pundits. We all worked too hard to let this happen.

As such, I have pointed out where we were headed, how we could create a movement that was unforeseen, how we attempted to demonstrate good politics by our actions not by mere words. It is truly an achievement for which we all can stand tall. We were not vanquished. We were simply unable to complete the task within the prescribed format. Always remember that.

I know I have thanked you all prior to the election, whether we were to win or lose. I still find the need to thank everyone for their unselfish support, from the sign makers to the computer wizards to the artists to the on the ground forces to the sign posters and delivery help to the volunteers to the web managers to the video and music creators to the citizens who voted their conscience instead of following without reason.

These are the people who made this campaign a success, not the figure at the top. While we all worked with direction, we all worked in a most individual manner, each giving to his or her strengths

I have received so many points of advice, thank you notes, great messages and calls related to our cause. It was so uplifting during the difficult times. We all worked together to support each other in a way I have not seen before in a campaign.

It is for this I thank you all once again. I will always remember how wonderful this loss was, not feeling the sting of the failure but smiling at the beauty this campaign represented in its unique ways.

While I could write literally hundreds of names to thank, you all know who you are and how you contributed. I acknowledge everyone here, wish you all the best, and hope that there is a future for what we attempted. I think that there is, but it, like the campaign, is left to you.

I do wish to share with you that on several occasions today, so many people wrote or approached to comment on the results. Not one of our supporters came to us with a statement that they regretted their vote. People commented that while they may have not liked the result, they felt that their vote had meaning. It did and will have a direct impact on future elections.

As I pull away from this campaign, I will turn my focus to other work and will not be so engaged with this movement on a daily basis. The absence will be painful, but the memories we created will serve as a source of knowledge that we met, worked as one, and could return to our lives more satisfied with what we have attempted and what we have achieved.

I thank you all. If nothing else, it was real. Take what we have gained and apply it. We can all be content in our work here and we can look to another potential for a new day that will certainly dawn. Take our inspiration and move it to the next level. We won in defeat. Perhaps the future will bring us together again, but it will be on a new adventure, similar to this one, but with a whole new meaning. We should stand ready for it and enjoy it for what it will be.

With gratitude,

Robert J. Healey, Jr.


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